Can a few simple words really make a difference to your business or
brand's confidence and credibility?
I think so and the clients I work with are proof that when you inject meaning and emotion into
your marketing and messaging, the results can be transformational.
From manufacturing, to fashion, to engineering here are some real world examples of  
brand messaging and campaign slogans I have developed that continue to create results:

Discover R:World | 2016 
Establish a campaign theme and message to reinforce market position and global reach
of Europe’s leading source of wholesale ready to brand apparel and garment print and
decoration supplies. 

Create a compelling campaign theme and message to capture the hearts of a new
and rapidly growing generation of online makers, creators and apparel entrepreneurs.

Create a more meaningful connection to enable greater stand out and brand attraction
in the architectural engineering design market place.

British Engineered. Global Powered. |  Pulse Fitness
Create a bold mission statement and campaign to reinforce and increase awareness
of the brand's British heritage and fitness design expertise within the global market.

From The Fire
Name for a teen fashion brand and blog centred on using empowering and motivational
slogans to inspire teens to express how they feel and overcome adversity.

Sub-brand name for Diageo internal division retailing to and managing local UK
convenient store owners.
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